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Here's little story of my love for mountains. Growing up in this concrete jungle, I always crave and seek nature. The perfect imperfections of mountains are my absolute favorite. The struggle of reaching the summit is one I hate yet yearn to get back to every time. I mean, it makes absolutely no sense! I love it to death though.

That's how I see love. It is work and it is beautiful. The connection,  the bond, the silence you have just looking at all its glory. It's simply undeniable. It is also very flawed yet so very beautiful.

Yes. I see your struggle. Yes. I see your grit to raise and love your little one immensely. Parenthood is tough! There's no way around it but how is it so beautiful, so pure?

I am here to help you treasure the innate connection between you and your little ones.

Knisa Sallim

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Besed in Sunny Singapore.

Amazingly beautiful Knisa! We just love it so much.
You managed to get natural and wonderful moments for our keepsake.
They turned out so beautiful and precious!

Thank you for the lovely photos.
You are indeed talented.



- Bee

From our baby's smile, you can tell how comfortable they are around Knisa. She is calm and very professional. She knows how to get them babies to work it in front of the camera! The whole process was comfortable and easy-going.



Jani + Zi


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